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Unlock the next level

Balansis Pro Workshops

with Anna Zanghi

At Balansis we specialize in bringing the best out of our clients and helping them cope with and excel even in the most stressful times. Our unique services are designed to cater to everyone looking for calm in the hectic world, with an especial focus on improved rest, recuperation and performance. Together with Executive and Mental Fitness Coach Anna Zanghi - our expert on leadership, team dynamics and change management - we offer several professional workshops which have been meticulously crafted to tap into each person's intelligence, creativity and energy in order to boost your team as individuals and as a collaborative unit.

I. Saboteur Workshops (Positive Intelligence® based)

• Identifying and dealing with your saboteurs

• 90-minutes + 90-minutes or 3hours

• 6-week mobile app-based program

• Additional 60’ workshops Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management,  High Performing Teams, Coaching for managers

II. Leadership Fitness -
"Are you fit to lead?"

• Holistic approach to leadership fitness accompanied by individual coaching - mental, lifestyle & role fitness

• Individual Journey for specific Leaders or a one-day workshop for a group of managers with flotation as a package

• Individual follow-up coaching can be added as needed

• See

III. Avoiding Burn-out/Corporate Wellbeing Workshops:

•90-minute workshops plus, or

•Firstbeat Life 3/6/12 subscription-based lifestyle fitness assessments kit

•Providing stress, recovery, sleep & physical activity INSIGHTS encouraging healthier lifestyle choices

lifestyle fitness assessment.png

IV. Mental Fitness

A 3-hour workshop during one half day during the week or weekend or one evening

• Examine what mental fitness is and why it is important

• Get an overview of the 3-mental "Muscles" of mental fitness

• Dive deeper into your mental fitness and inner critic "Saboteurs."

• Explore how to activate your inner wiser "Sage," the key to better managing your "Saboteurs."

• Can be done as part of holistic Mental Fitness Programme



Our pro workshops can be customized into programmes with a dynamic pricing structure to suit your specific individual or team needs. Get in touch with us at and let us know how we can help get you or your team to the next level.

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