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Emotional Intelligence Workshop - 17th July 2022, 11h-15h

Have you ever been angry or frustrated and said or done things you really didn't mean to? Everyone has done it at least one time, but few have learnt how to stop it. You are not alone. In our society there is no formal education on how to manage our emotions and how emotions shape our behavior. But you most probably noticed that when someone shows empathy and understanding people feel more attracted to collaborate with that person. That is why emotional intelligence is one of the strongest indicators of success in business and life.

What makes any professional or personal relationship great is your ability to feel feelings, be empathic, avoid conflict and communicate clearly. This is all possible when you develop your emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence reflects your ability to identify and manage your emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It will allow you to build stronger relationships and achieve personal and professional satisfaction. It will help you to turn your ideas into action, and make the best decisions considering what matters most to you.

Join our two experts, Personal Development Coach Anaí Solano and Psychotherapist Jessica Lin, as they guide you through an introduction to making Emotional Intelligence work for you. Our introductory workshop is divided into two parts with a break in between for some refreshment and time afterwards to ask questions and network.

Part 1: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Explained (11h-12h30)

● What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it relevant?
● Why EQ is a greater indicator of success than IQ.
● The relationship between emotions, thoughts and actions.
● Activity: Why does EQ matter to you? EQ self-evaluation.

[Refreshment break 12h30-13h]

Part 2: EQ - Perception, Awareness and Communication (13h-14h30)

● How are our concepts and identities constructed?

● Why do we construct them this way and what does that mean for our EQ?

● How does language shape our emotion and communication?

● Activity: Identify common language barriers to communication and improve EQ.

17th July 2022 from 11h - 15h
Cost: €60 (inc. btw)

Only 25 spots available. Reserve your spot now.

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